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As a country of the Himalayas, Nepal fosters some of the most magnificent mountain ranges stretched all over the country.
Vijaya Dashami or Dashain is one of the significant and biggest festivals celebrated by every community in Nepal.
Everest Base Camp Trek itself can be a dream place to visit for many adventure lovers as it is the base camp of the World tallest mountain.
The Everest Base Camp Trek requires no technical expertise or mountaineering skills. It is basically a long hike at altitude.
Everest Base Camp Trek can be characterized as one of the greatest adventures that one can endeavour in their lifetime.
Thousands of Visitors enter Nepal every year for Everest Base Camp Trek. We often hear the same question from most of them.
Most of the people get confused if Everest base camp can be trekked or not during Monsoon.
Most of the trekkers tend to search about the safe flight to Lukla as Tenzing Hillary airport is named as the World’s deadliest airport.
Anyone having normal fitness can trek to Everest Base Camp; there are not any criteria to trek to the Everest region.
Having the proper list of all essential equipment is one of the most important parts of trekking at Everest Base Camp.
As much as it is satisfying to have a wide range of choices, it can be hard to determine the trekking destination with so much to choose.
Altitude sickness is one of the most common problems that most trekkers face during their trek to Everest Base Camp Trek.