Client Reviews

  • rating starAn Experience for a Lifetime and That too with the Right Tour Operator!!

    I am so glad I did my research before booking with the Himalayan Recreation Tour Operator. Though I had done my research, going through this trek was a lot harder, especially because I was short of breath throughout. Narayan was our guide, and he ensured that even as the slowest member of the team, I was never left behind. This showed that he was a very well-trained guide. Because of his expertise and his optimism, I can proudly say I got to the base camp.

    The routes were breathtaking, and most often the pictures just did not do justice to what we witnessed. Narayan recognized all the mountains! It felt good to be in the company of someone who knew their route. I would recommend a Himalayan Recreation tour operator any day!

    Jessy PaulUnited Arab Emirates,November 06, 2023
  • rating starA family trip for a lifetime memory!

    This was a trip of the lifetime! We lucked out in completing this Everest Base Camp (EBC) trip in the first week of June, 2023, usually when the monsoon breaks. Most of the days it was perfect hiking weather. Himalayan Recreation tailored this trip to suit the requirements of our family. We had some time constraints, therefore once after reaching the EBC, we took a helicopter ride down to Kathmandu from Gorekshep (~5200 meters) It was an adventure trip for our family of 4 and it was a private tour. I am very pleased with the service provided by Bishnu Thapa of the Himalyan Recreation and the guide, Raj who has over a decade of experience in Organizing such trips. Raj took good care of us by ensuring that we eat, sleep and keep up with the high altitude challenges. In addition, Raj kept us motivated to keep on going on this 7 days of 60-70 KM hiking trail.

    Our family decided to go on this EBC hike in Dec 2022 and then we kept in touch with Bishnu Thapa who professionally guided us to prepare for this trip by sending his prompt replies and occasional video calls. The staff at the Himalyan Recreation, I found them extremely courteous. I was impressed by the fact that once we arrived in Kathmandu, they made us feel comfortable and I found them so very eager to make our trip a success. And we made it! As the altitude increased, thin air and steep hikes, sometimes landslides, bad weather for helicopter landing presented some excitements but I can assure that Himalyan Recreations team handled the situations very professionally to keep us safe.

    I would highly recommend Himalyan Recreations for any of your bucket listed Himalyan (high altitude) Hikes in Nepal or other places. I wish Himalyan Recreations the best!

    Alok DUnited States,July 05, 2023
  • rating starBest Everest Base Camp Experience with Himalayan Recreation!

    Before explaining the journey to Mount Everest Base Camp, Firstly I respectfully give big thanks to the company Himalayan Recreation Treks, which has given me a memorable experience with lots of knowledge and respect.
    We were so excited to see Mt. Everest with real experience of trekking. Me and my friend Rebecca, we were planning to go trekking at Everest Base Camp and our dream came true with the help of Himalayan Recreation Treks, Where we could find very fantastic and friendly team members to co-operate with us also they were very curious and sensitive to our needs within a whole journey period. Our Everest Base camp trek guide Suman was very friendly, supportive and informative. After being served by their services, we highly recommend their services to you all because they will provide you with a unique environment and try their best to make you feel better.
    Talking about the journey to Mt Everest Base Camp (EBC) trekking, the way to our destination was steep and sloppy. We have had an amazing experience. Along with the fresh green scenery, the view of the mountains was also very beautiful as we have not visited any other places related to this type of trekking before but our guide gave lots of remedies and suggested each and every do's and don'ts so that we could be aware of exceptional cases. He was so familiar with us. The hotel where we dropped the whole night gave us another golden chance to observe The Sherpa's culture and their traditional dances along with their unique food items. We were very glad to have our guide Suman and this company because they cared so much to make our journey interesting.
    Seeing the nature of Mt. Everest periphery we were feeling too fantastic and happy. There were some kinds of health problems along the way but our guide has fully helped and tried more for our easiness. Steeply land, huge stones and rocks, a fresh environment and clear water springs just attracted my heart. The cultural places like Gumbas, yak and sheep grazing were my center of attraction on the journey. My friend was also very happy to see all these activities and scenic beauty because I gave a surprise to her on the occasion of Friendship Day because she was my one and only special friend. The next day, by the side of our guide Suman gave another surprise to both of us by celebrating friendship day and organizing a small party by his side. This made us so proud to be with Himalayan Recreation which has given us that valuable memory for a lifetime. At that moment I just remembered the day when I texted them for the first time to meet my plan towards the Everest Base Camp. They are really helpful.
    On the other hand, the down jackets and sleeping bag providing facility was the most helpful for us due to these our luggage was also not tightly packed but the problem of Toilet was badly faced with some kinds of difficulties. Basically, the head office located in Kathmandu has helped more by inquiring us with the help of emails and wants to thank the managing director. Thanks a lot, Bishnu, and team for your efforts.
    On the way, we observed many other peaks also. The famous thing was yak milk's varieties and Sherpa culture. We experienced totally different society in Nepal with very friendly behavior provided by the local people of that area. They gave a big respect to us. We were feeling so bad at last when it was time to say goodbye to them. I would like to say more but I think it's already too long I proudly can claim that how much I explain is not enough anymore. I am fully satisfied with the level of service provided to us by the side of the company.I highly recommend it to you all because it has enough n too much experience about how to treat the visitors and trekkers during the journey time..besides, these facilities are outstanding n superb I can not explain in words..If we will get another chance to visit we will for sure remember the Himalayan Recreation and the best trekking guide👍👍

    Rebicca AAustralia,June 29, 2023
  • rating starEverest Base Camp Trek Experience with HR!

    I just returned from the trek to Everest Base Camp organized by Himalayan Recreation and I cannot express how thankful I am to my guide and the entire team of Himalayan Recreation for these wonderful two weeks. I had a time of my life and it was a trip I will reminisce about for a very long time. Since the very first day of landing in Kathmandu, I was taken care of and everything was well-prepared including the accommodations and trek-related stuff. After a day of sightseeing in Kathmandu, we left for the trek with a flight to Lukla. The entire trek was incredible. Words cannot define the sights we got to witness as we lucked out with perfect weather. Well, it was a tough hike at times, but thanks to my guide and our porters, I was able to pull through the long day hikes and make it to the base camp of Mount Everest. During the entire trek, he anticipated my every need and kept me entertained all along the way with great mountain stories, singing, and information about places. The trek was made even more special and memorable because of the warm hospitality of the local people there. Once again thanks to the entire team for this great trip.

    Nicki ColeUnited States,June 22, 2023
  • rating starAmazing trip -- highly recommend.

    The trip was amazing, from beginning to end. They picked me up at the bus station and made sure I was comfortable during my stay at the Seven Star Hotel. My room was comfortable...with all the amenities, plus the food was delicious -- the manager Ramesh Prasai went above and beyond to make sure my stay was nothing short of perfect. Immediately after my arrival, I was greeted by my guide Arun -- he was very professional, friendly and accommodating. He is a Chitwan native and well-versed in the local flora & fauna. Arun took me sightseeing and took care of all the safari logistics. To sweeten up the deal, he also arranged a local cuisine dinner.

    Vivid_NUnited States,May 02, 2023
  • rating starAmazing Trekking Tour at Nepal Upper Mustang

    Nepal is new to us and we joined the 2 weeks trekking tour to explore the exotic Upper Mustang.
    🏔Mountains never let you down haha
    With our experienced trekking guide Ashok and the team, we were totally care free during the trip.
    We simply enjoyed the spectacular view during the trek, connected with the nature and gave me good vibes.
    The assistant guide Buddhiman took nice photos for us too.
    This team even helped my friends to surprise me with a very nice birthday cake on my day.
    Besides, we’ve joined the day tour at Lo-manthang, had so much funs at the Jhong Cave and learnt a lot on Nepal’s history and religions during the day tour in Kathmandu.
    I really appreciated their great efforts and highly recommended this company for you guys.

    Kimmy LiUnited Kingdom,May 01, 2023
  • rating starOnce in a lifetime experience to see Everest and be in the Himalayas

    Wonderful tour! Such an incredible experience to see Everest, and the Himalayas are unexplainably vast - after you clear one mountain range, there is another and another. The views of the other closer and more visible mountains were arguably the best parts.

    The helicopter ride was a thrill in itself, and you rotate seats which is nice. There’s enough time at multiple stops to feel like you’ve gotten a complete experience.

    We had clear-ish weather which was great; you can’t control the weather and some days you can’t see Everest in the clouds, so I felt very fortunate.

    Himalayan recreation also went above and beyond in two ways for me — (1) changed dates for me with short notice to accommodate my changing itinerary, and (2) picked up a trekking permit from another agency that I needed for Poon Hill, so that I could make a 3 hour earlier flight and not leave the airport.

    Overall, would highly recommend the trip to anyone who doesn’t have the time to do the 12 day EBC trek, and would recommend the operator!

    Lisa AUnited States,April 28, 2023
  • rating starOff the beaten track- AMAZING

    When I first got in touch with Bishnu I told him that my mother and I were looking for a trek that was moderate length, minimal people and cultural. It had been my dream to go trekking in Nepal since I was a little kid I was putting a lot of faith in Bishnu considering it was my "trip of a lifetime". What he delivered us FAR exceeded anything id ever imagined.

    Given what we were looking for, Bishnu presented us with the Nar Phu Valley trek itineray he had made. After some brief independant research we decided it looked pretty good so we signed up.

    From even before we got there, Bishnu had everything taken care of. He had packing lists sent to us. Updates on trail and weather conditions ahead of time. Once we arrived Hotel, food, even going through our gear with us to make sure we had it all sorted.

    The trek:
    I wont be able to adequately convey how amazing a trek the Nar Phu Valley was in a few words. To summarize it in a sentence or two though; we hiked through just about every terrain Nepal has to offer - allowing us to really appreciate the depth the country has to offer in culture and environment. Simple but comfortable tea houses, only seeing a handful of other trekkers the full 9 days on the trail meant the tea houses welcomed us to cozy up beside the kitchen fire to eat dinner while they went about their daily routine. The farther we got into the Himalayas the more beautiful snow-capped mountains we encountered- really solidifying to us that this trek has everything we could ask for.

    As much as the actual trek itself was amazing, having Bishnu with us- SO knowledgeable and engaged in mountain life- made the trip what it was. So many laughs were shared and interesting conversations had while we were trekking that I never once considered listening to my ear phones while walking 6-8 hours for 9 straight days. (which, as a millennial in 2019 means, means a lot)

    The Nar Phu valley trek dosen't boast the iconic mountain ranges places like Everest do but when you haven't run into another traveller in 4 days and you're sitting beside a fire watching the sun come up over a snow capped peak, drinking a cup of warm masala tea listening to a munk saying prayers in the distance- what more could you ask for?

    Pros/ Highlights: Day spent in Phu, staying at monastary, good footing on trails

    Cons: Long days hiking- We loved this and enjoyed the challenge but a reasonable level of fitness is required to enjoy it I believe.

    P.S. Don't eat the dried apples you can buy in some of the villages (Food poisoning at 4000m elevation is THE WORST)- thankfully Bishnu made sure I was taken good care of until I was better, checking my oxygenation on a SPO2 monitor regularly and getting some calories into me so I was able to continue the trek happily!

    Sauna MaUnited States,April 27, 2023