Private Day Tours

Travel is a way of learning! Get enlightening yourself with the practices around the world and widen your scope of knowledge and understanding. Opt for a short day tour to Nepal to relish the beauty of nature and to get some insights into the culture and lifestyle of people living here. Short-day tours bestow to adore the cultural heritage, the natural beauty and the picturesque views of the landscapes and breathtaking scenarios in the eminent land of the Himalayas. Usually, starting early morning and ending in the evening on the same day, these private day trips have lots of options so that you can extend your tour, either before or after your main vacation trip. It is also an amazing day off for those who have been in transit and intend to see a bit of Kathmandu. As you walk along the lush landscape, you will be blessed with the awesomeness of nature. The valleys, forests, countryside and the views of the white pinnacles of mountains; what else can a nature lover seek? From sightseeing to hiking up to popular slant points, visiting world heritage monuments, or engaging in different adventure activities like rafting and paragliding, it all delegates you to make the most out of every minute of your adventure while in this tiny kingdom.