Climbing and Expedition

Peak Climbing and expedition in Nepal is one of the challenging tourism activities manifesting Nepal the genesis for mountaineers for epochs. As the country of the high Himalayas, Nepal is the ultimate destination for mountain climbers all over the world. With eight of fourteen 8000-meter mountains in the country, mountain climbing in Nepal is an adventure that most mountaineers look forward to. A fervent adventure treat for mountaineering’s after the country first opened its doors to climbers. Being awe-inspired by the inveigle of the astounding mountains and climbing in the Himalayas is just amazing, not only because the Himalayas are the greatest mountains on earth, but also due to their, charm, giantism, magnetism and obscurity that incite the ingenuity of mountaineering and climbing connoisseurs who venture into this percent to wonder! Traverse close by green forests, Sherpa villages and astounding scenery of high Himalayas, get glimpses of the life of the world-famous climbers (the Sherpa’s), enter Sagarmatha National Park, a world heritage site, and tour high altitude Buddhist monasteries, it's a golden opportunity to experience nature’s wonders, the spirit of adventure and rich cultures, traditions all in one for a lifetime. The thrilling adventures await you in Nepal to provide a full threatful experience and memory that could be saved for a whole life!!!