Guide and Porter Policy

Himalayan Recreation Treks & Expedition are here to make you comfortable in any of the services, the guide and porters are the main characters - they help to make your trekking trip amazing and memorable. Guide and Porter is something one has to choose a quality one in quantity. So, being a responsible tour organizer, we want to erect the finest working conditions for our trekking staff so that they will help our clients to relish the most fabulous trip in Nepal.

We have all discerned the stories of porters left on the mountainside or freezing outside tents while travelers carouse inside. With us, it will never happen. We really serve our guides and porters equitably and impartially. Admiring the hard work that the guides and porters have done and providing them with better services- is our main motive.  Without them, the trip will not be commenced and for sure it is not possible. Therefore, we treat and comply with the following Guide and Porter Policy to assure the working situation of our guides, sherpas and porters is of a benevolent and fair standard towards barring evadable illness, injury and death. Here’s a quick glimpse of our company’s policy in this behold.

Insurance: There will be liability insurance for trekking leaders and porters for the whole trek. The insurance covers accidents, medical expenses, high-altitude helicopter rescue and evacuation costs.

Health and Safety: Health and safety are one of the measures to focus on the teams. Assuring our trekking leaders to look after porters and informing us if they need anything to be considered in terms of health. We fully take reasonable precautions to be certain that the workplace is safe or not. 

Weight limits: The weight limits that can be carried out of a maximum of 30 kg/66 lbs per porter. One porter will assist two clients during the trek. The day before trekking there will be a short briefing about the trek to pack only the necessary trekking equipment and should not be more than 15 kg/33 lbs for a single client. Also, the total luggage allocation allowed at domestic flights in Nepal is 15 kg/33 lbs, combining both luggage and backpack. So we will be assured that our porters are carrying the weights as per the standard before heading on the trek.

Lodging and food: We furnished relevant lodging and food to all trekking staff during the trek. Enjoy your trip with three standard meals- breakfast, lunch and dinner to our trekking crews. Similarly,  the accommodation conveniences offered during the trek will be tea houses/guest houses in mountain regions. During the trek, there is no bias to guides and porters on the basis of race, caste, culture, etc. and the facilities will be offered the same as well.

Appropriate clothing and equipment: We provide our guide and porters with a down jacket, good hiking shoes, sunglasses, sun hat, down, sleeping bag, and first aid kit. A Necessary first aid kit includes basic medicine like paracetamol, ibuprofen, aspirin, Diamox Imodium etc. 

Wages: We have been paid trekking leaders, guides and porters a good wage as per the legal level. The wages of our staff differ with their experience and their proficiency in the field. Once we booked the trip with our guides and porters, we remunerated them the standard wages even if the trip is not complete.

Awareness: There will always be a short awareness program for our trekking leaders and guides to improve their working conditions and empower them. We teach them about sustainability policy and the importance of responsible tourism practices. Furthermore, our trek guide teaches porters about the importance of environmental conservation, waste management, and awareness of personal hygiene.