Child Sponsorship Programme

We, the Himalayan Recreation Treks and Expeditions had been arrogantly serving more than 1000 trekking groups till now!! We are always here to provide qualitative services, make us feel comfortable with us while trekking and traveling and give our best to make your journey just amazingly incredible that cannot be forgotten in a lifetime! Our main motive is to make our clients glad for us and more than that help the deprived children with their full needs and desires.

Himalayan Recreation Treks will focus on making your trips unforgettable, but also sponsor a child and furnish them with an education and empower them and their community with opportunities for a better life. For a small amount of money every month/ three months/ semi-annual or year we will be able to make a significant difference in the life of a child by affording them a chance at a better future. 

Providing the necessary materials and education for underprivileged children such as Dalits (of the untouchables), Janajati (ethnic groups), religious adolescents and others who are socially disadvantaged and who are as a result at risk of exploitation or in domestic child labor. We fully support quality education, books, supplies, daily food, and school uniforms for the poorest schoolchildren, especially girls, who otherwise would have no access or opportunity to benefit from primary education. We believe that extreme poverty and gender inequality are the greatest hurdles to girls attending school in Nepal. Our main role is to create an environment to bring them back to school.

We- Himalayan Recreation Treks believe that it is necessary to build a foundation for success that enables children to learn in school. An essential program to work on is that all children are able to learn and grow, thereby achieving their full potential. Around half of all young school-age children around the world do not have the chance to develop the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional skills necessary to learn.