Yala Peak Climbing in Spring and Autumn

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Yala Peak Climbing
At a Glance
  • Duration14 Days
  • Difficulty Level Serious
  • Max Altitude 5600 M
  • Group Size Up to 10 Pax
  • Starts Kathmandu Airport
  • Ends Kathmandu Airport

The Yala Peak Climbing journey is one of the magnificent adventures where you'll get to explore the enchanting Langtang region and its Tibetan-influenced communities. This journey unveils breathtaking mountain views, warm local hospitality, and unspoiled trails that nature lovers seek. 

Yala Peak Expedition offers vistas of Langtang, Everest, Manaslu, and Annapurna peaks, making it an enticing choice. Starting in Kathmandu, our Package begins with city exploration and preparations before driving to Sybrubensi. 

The scenic drive showcases rolling hills and serene rivers. From Sybrubensi, we trek to Lama Hotel, then to the captivating Langtang Village, surrounded by rhododendron and oak forests. Passing local villages beneath mountain peaks, we reach Kyanjin Gompa after experiencing the Langtang River's roar. 

Acclimatizing at Kyanjin, we proceed to Yala Peak Base Camp, standing beneath its beauty, filling us with excitement for the climb. Guided by experts, we summit Yala Peak, relishing panoramic mountain panoramas. Returning to Kyanjin, we retrace our steps through Lama Hotel and Syabru Besi, concluding our unforgettable journey in Kathmandu.

Himalayan Recreation is dedicated to an exceptional trek experience, providing reliable service. Our supportive staff ensures smooth transportation, accommodation, and climbing essentials. With us, this 14-day Yala Peak Climbingtrip guarantees a remarkable adventure of a lifetime in 2024 and 2025. 

Major highlights of the Climbing Yala Peak

  • Explore Tibetan-influenced communities in the Langtang region.
  • Witness stunning mountain views throughout the journey.
  • Experience warm hospitality from the local communities and learn about their ethnic lifestyle. 
  • Traverse through the pristine and unspoiled trekking trails.
  • Relish the majestic sights of the Langtang, Everest, Manaslu, and Annapurna peaks.
  • Reach the Yala Peak summit at an elevation of 5700 m. 

What Awaits You on the Yala Peak Expedition Journey?

The Yala Peak Expedition promises you a thrilling adventure through the captivating Langtang region of Nepal. You can expect to experience an enchanting Tibetan-influenced community while also treating your eyes to the awe-inspiring mountain vistas, and untouched trails that await you. 

The route overall offers a visual feast of Langtang, Everest, Manaslu, and Annapurna peaks, creating unforgettable memories against the backdrop of nature's grandeur. Furthermore, the sense of reaching the summit at a height of above 5000 m is unexplainable. 

Are You Fit Enough for Yala Peak Climbing in Nepal?

To undertake the Yala Peak Climbing in Nepal, a good level of physical fitness and stamina is necessary. As the trek involves both trekking and basic mountaineering skills, you should make sure that you are in good health with moderate fitness levels and stamina.  

Prior trekking experience and cardiovascular fitness are highly recommended to prepare you for the challenging trails, steep ascents, and high altitudes. You can further consult with your doctor before embarking on this journey and engage in regular physical activities to ensure you are adequately prepared for the climb.

Yala Peak Climbing Difficulty Level in Nepal 

The Difficulty Level of Yala Peak Climbing is graded as a moderate trek with some technical sections. While prior trekking experience is beneficial, it's not a requirement. The route involves varied terrains, including steep ascents, icy paths, and rocky sections. Basic climbing skills and proper acclimatization are essential for a successful summit. 

This expedition requires physical fitness, mental endurance, and the ability to adapt to changing conditions. The challenges are rewarding, with breathtaking views awaiting at the summit. Thus, you should be prepared for long ascending but in the end, the views are always worth it.

Acclimatization and Safety Precautions for Climbing Yala Peak

Acclimatization is an essential aspect of Climb Yala Peak due to the significant altitude gain. Himalayan Recreation's itinerary is designed with gradual ascents and rest days to allow your body to adjust to higher altitudes. 

Our experienced guides closely monitor your health and acclimatization process to ensure your safety. Additionally, we carry necessary safety equipment, including first aid kits, oxygen cylinders, and communication devices. We highly recommend that you walk at your own pace and stay hydrated throughout the route. Also, it is always good to familiarize yourself with the use of the equipment and the symptoms of altitude sickness. 

Make sure to listen to the instructions of our guide and inform them, as soon as you feel any discomfort during the climb to have a smooth journey. 

How Can You Prepare Yourself for the Yala Peak Climbing Itinerary?

Preparing for the Yala Peak Climbing Itinerary involves a combination of physical training, mental readiness, and proper equipment. We highly suggest that you involve yourself in regular cardio exercises, strength training, and endurance-building routines that will help enhance your fitness. 

After that, you should familiarize yourself with climbing gear like ice axes and crampons. Also, it is essential to know about the primary altitude sickness symptoms and precautions. Packing appropriate clothing, footwear, and essentials, along with learning about the region and its culture, will contribute to your successful expedition. Finally, make sure to prepare yourself mentally with a positive attitude. 

The best time for the Yala Peak Climb

Spring (March, April And May): 

The spring season is one of the best times for the Yala Peak climb, as nature awakens from its winter sleep. The trail is adorned with colorful blooms of rhododendrons and wildflowers, creating a picturesque environment. 

The weather is mild, and the clear skies offer excellent visibility of the surrounding peaks during this time of the year. Spring is perfect for those who want to relish the vibrant landscapes and the thrill of summiting Yala Peak.

Autumn (September, October And November): 

Considered another prime season for trekking and climbing, autumn offers the best weather conditions. The skies are clear, the air is crisp, and the temperature is moderate, providing ideal trekking conditions. 

The stunning vistas of snow-capped peaks are at their best during this time. The trails are full of fellow trekkers, creating a vibrant atmosphere. If you're seeking breathtaking views and an emotional trekking experience, autumn is the ideal time for your Yala Peak adventure.

Winter (December, January And February): 

While winter brings colder temperatures and occasional snowfall, it also offers a unique and tranquil experience for adventurous souls. The landscapes are covered in pristine white snow, creating a serene and magical atmosphere. 

The trail is less crowded, allowing for a more close connection with nature. However, be prepared for colder conditions and potentially challenging terrain. 

Summer (June, July And August): 

The summer months bring the monsoon season to the region, resulting in rainy and humid conditions. While this is generally considered the off-season for trekking, some trekkers choose to embark on the Yala Peak climb during this time. 

The trails are less crowded, and the lush greenery adds a different charm to the landscapes. However, be attentive to the possibility of landslides and slippery paths due to the rain. 

14 Days Yala Peak Climbing Itinerary

Our Yala Peak Climbing Itinerary is of 14 days that begins and ends in Kathmandu. It is designed by our expert team to make sure that it is suitable for all ranges of climbers. This itinerary can be further customized based on your personal preferences and fitness levels. Additional acclimatization days, rest stops, or detours can be included to suit your individual needs, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.


Show Detail ItineraryHide Detail Itinerary
  • Max Altitude:1350m
  • Accommodation:3 Star Hotel

Welcome to the captivating capital city of Kathmandu! Our staff will warmly receive you at the airport during your arrival time today and assist you to your hotel. 

As you settle in, you can take some time to relax and rejuvenate. You can also go for a quick wander around the nearby streets to get a taste of the city's vibrant atmosphere. Overnight stay in Kathmandu.

  • Max Altitude:1350m
  • Time:4-5 hours
  • Accommodation:3 Star Hotel
  • Meals:Breakfast
  • Transport:Car

Today is a day for you to explore the cultural wonders of Kathmandu. Embark on a captivating city tour that includes visits to UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You'll discover the historic significance of Kathmandu Durbar Square, experience the spiritual aura of Swayambhunath (Monkey Temple), witness the rituals at Pashupatinath Temple, and admire the grandeur of Boudhanath Stupa. 

After a fulfilling day of exploration, return to your hotel for a restful evening. Our expert guides will also brief you about the upcoming adventure and assist you in preparing for the journey ahead. Overnight stay in Kathmandu.

  • Max Altitude:1500m
  • Time:7-8 hours
  • Accommodation:Tea House Lodge
  • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner

Get ready for an exciting journey as we embark on a picturesque drive from Kathmandu to Sybrubensi. The road takes you through enchanting landscapes, offering glimpses of the Trishuli River and charming villages like Dhunche and Trishuli. 

You'll be captivated by stunning mountain vistas and verdant hills along the way. Upon reaching Sybrubensi, you'll have the opportunity to explore the local market and soak in the tranquil atmosphere. Overnight stay in Sybrubesi.

  • Max Altitude:2410m
  • Time:5-7 hours
  • Accommodation:Tea House Lodge
  • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner

The journey on foot begins as you set forth from Sybrubensi towards Lama Hotel. The trail leads you through stone-paved paths, guiding you past the quaint Bamboo Village. The trek takes you through lush forests adorned with Oak, Maple, and Blue Pine trees. 

Keep your eyes on unique wildlife sightings, including Himalayan Thar and even the elusive red panda. Arriving at Lama Hotel, you'll be greeted by the peaceful surroundings and the inviting atmosphere of the mountains. Overnight stay in Lama Hotel.

  • Max Altitude:3380m
  • Time:5-7 hours
  • Accommodation:Tea House Lodge
  • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner

As you continue your trek, be prepared for steep ascents and captivating natural beauty. The trail unveils the beauty of Rhododendron, Oak, and Maple forests, providing a backdrop for the mesmerizing journey. 

The path is adorned with waterfalls that add an extra layer of enchantment to the experience. The stunning vistas of Langtang peaks keep you company as you journey towards Ghodatabela and then Langtang Village. Overnight stay in Langtang Village.

  • Max Altitude:3830m
  • Time:3-4 hours
  • Accommodation:Tea House Lodge
  • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner

A day of ascent awaits as you embark on the trek from Langtang Village. The trail takes you through small villages and picturesque yak pastures. Along the way, you'll encounter a significant Mani wall, a spiritual significance of the region. The journey leads you to Mundu, a quaint village surrounded by streams and wooden bridges. 

Eventually, you'll reach the breathtaking destination of Kyanjin Gompa. Here, you'll be rewarded with panoramic views of Langtang Lirung and Langtang II, along with the dramatic presence of icefall from the peaks. Overnight stay in Kyanjin Gompa.

  • Time:3-4 hours
  • Accommodation:Tea House Lodge
  • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner

Taking care of your well-being, the day is reserved for acclimatization at Kyanjin Gompa. Use this opportunity to explore the area around Kyanjin Gompa. You might consider hiking to Kyanjin Gompa, from which the place derives its name. 

Alternatively, embark on a hike to witness the awe-inspiring ice faces and glaciers of Langtang Lirung. The panoramic views of peaks like Kinshung and Yansa Tsenji are sure to leave you mesmerized. Feel free to choose from various optional side trips that offer unique experiences. At the end of the day, return to Kyanjin Gompa, where the peaceful ambiance will envelop you. Overnight stay in Kyanjin Gompa.

  • Max Altitude:4600m
  • Time:6-7 hours
  • Accommodation:Tented Camp
  • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner

Your adventure takes a thrilling turn as you head towards Yala Peak Base Camp today. The trail might be rocky, but the reward is immeasurable. With every step, the views become more captivating. Reaching the base camp, you'll be greeted by the awe-inspiring sights of Yala Peak, TserkoRi, Gangchempo, and more. 

The experienced guides accompanying you will provide detailed guidance on climbing techniques and equipment usage. After a practice session to familiarize yourself with the gear, take some time to relax and mentally prepare for the summit that awaits tomorrow. Overnight stay at Yala Peak Base Camp.

  • Max Altitude:5500m
  • Time:4-6 hours
  • Accommodation:Tented Camp
  • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner

The day you've been waiting for has finally arrived, which is the day of the Yala Peak summit! To make the most of the best conditions, you'll begin your ascent before sunrise, as the winds tend to pick up in strength as the day progresses. The sense of excitement and determination will fuel your steps as you ascend further. 

Climbing steep and icy terrain, you'll conquer Yala Peak, standing at an impressive altitude of 5600 meters. The unparalleled 360-degree view of majestic mountains, in the golden hues of the rising sun, will be a memory engraved forever in your heart. The thrill of reaching the summit is indescribable. 

After soaking in the vistas and savoring the win, you'll carefully descend back to the base camp, where the warmth of accomplishment will embrace you. Overnight stay at Yala Peak Base Camp.

  • Max Altitude:3830m
  • Time:4-5 hours
  • Accommodation:Tea House Lodge
  • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner

Relishing the memories of your remarkable achievement, you'll bid farewell to the base camp and begin your descent towards Kyanjin Gompa. As you tread familiar paths, take the opportunity to reflect on the journey you've undertaken and the incredible experiences you've gained. 

The mountainous landscapes and the changing colors of the sky create a unique atmosphere that accompanies you on your way back. Upon reaching Kyanjin Gompa, the familiar embrace of the surroundings will be a welcoming comfort. Overnight stay in Kyanjin Gompa.

  • Max Altitude:2410m
  • Time:5-6 hours
  • Accommodation:Tea House Lodge
  • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner

Today, you will traverse the trail back to Lama Hotel, retracing the steps you took earlier in your journey. Passing through Langtang Village once again, you'll be enchanted by the same majestic mountain views that greeted you before. Take your time to appreciate the beauty that surrounds you, and capture these final moments in your heart and mind. 

The lush landscapes, quaint villages, and the Langtang Khola River accompany you, creating a symphony of sights and sounds that mark your return. As you reach Lama Hotel, you'll be met with a sense of familiarity and a well-deserved feeling of accomplishment. Overnight stay in Lama Hotel.

  • Max Altitude:1500m
  • Time:5-6 hours
  • Accommodation:Tea House Lodge
  • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner

The journey nears its conclusion as you continue your trek towards Sybrubesi today. The trail takes you through pine and juniper forests, offering a serene ambiance as you make your way downhill. Along the way, you'll encounter the Chilime Hydropower Plant at Sherpa Gaon. 

Passing through villages inhabited by Tamang and Sherpa communities, you'll have the chance to immerse yourself in their unique cultures and traditions. Steadily, you'll progress towards Sybrubesi, where the journey began. Overnight stay in Sybrubesi.

  • Max Altitude:1350m
  • Time:7-8 hours
  • Accommodation:3 Star Hotel
  • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner

Embrace the final day of your journey as you leave the mountainous terrain behind and embark on a private vehicle drive back to Kathmandu. Take in the last breathtaking views of the mountains and landscapes that have been your constant companions. 

Upon your return to the bustling capital city, you'll have the evening to relax, reminisce about your adventures, and perhaps explore the vibrant city atmosphere one last time. Overnight stay in Kathmandu.

  • Meals:Breakfast

As your unforgettable journey comes to a close, our staff will transfer you to the airport for your departure.

Route Map

Yala Peak Climbing in Spring and Autumn map

Cost Details

Cost Includes
  • All ground transport in a private vehicle, including airport transfers
  • Three nights accommodation with breakfast at a 3-star category hotel in Kathmandu
  • Kathmandu city tours, including tour guide, and private transportation
  • 3 standard meals a day (Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners) during the trip
  • Snacks of seasonal fruits during the trek
  • Best available twin sharing lodge for accommodation during the trek.
  • Tented Camp Accommodation During the Climbing period.
  • Kathmandu to Syabrubeshi by Jeep and Back by Local Bus.
  • Himalayan Recreation’s experienced, government licensed, English speaking Climbing guide Sherpa during the Yala Peak trip.
  • Porters and Supportive staffs services (1 porter = 2 trekkers).
  • All costs of staff which includes food, accommodation, salary, insurance, equipment’s and medicines.
  • Duffel bag use while trekking & Trekking map and trip achievement certificate
  • Required Langtang National Park Permit fee, TIMS Fee, Garbage Deposit and Yala Peak Climbing Permit
  • First aid medicine Kit
  • Farewell dinner with Cultural show in a fine restaurant on second last day.
  • Government taxes & office service charge
Cost Excludes
  • Meals not specified in the 'Meal Inclusions' in the above itinerary
  • Personal Travel insurance, which covers emergency Rescue and Evacuation.
  • Personal trekking equipment or expenses
  • Alcoholic drinks and beverages.
  • Tips for trekking guides, porters (tipping is expected)
  • Any other expenses that are not mentioned in the 'Price Includes' section.

Dates & Prices

Select a departure month
Starts:Monday Jun 24, 2024
Ends:Sunday Jul 07, 2024
Price US$1399
Status Available
Starts:Wednesday Jun 26, 2024
Ends:Tuesday Jul 09, 2024
Price US$1399
Status Available
Starts:Friday Jun 28, 2024
Ends:Thursday Jul 11, 2024
Price US$1399
Status Available
Starts:Sunday Jun 30, 2024
Ends:Saturday Jul 13, 2024
Price US$1399
Status Available

Know Before You Go

Packing List and Essentials for the Trek and Clmb to Yela Peak

To ensure a successful and comfortable Yala Peak Climb, packing the right essentials is crucial. Some key items to include in your packing list are:

  • Warm clothing layers (jackets, thermals, gloves)
  • Sturdy trekking boots with good grip
  • Climbing gear (harness, helmet, crampons, ice axe)
  • High-quality trekking socks and headgear
  • Sunglasses with UV protection
  • Sunscreen and lip balm
  • Water purification tablets or filter
  • Trekking poles for support
  • Basic first aid kit and personal medications
  • Waterproof and windproof outer layers
  • Headlamp and extra batteries
  • Snacks and energy bars

Accommodation During the Yala Peak climbing package

Accommodation during the Yala Peak Climbing package is well-organized to ensure your comfort and safety. While in Kathmandu, you'll stay in a reputable 3-star hotel that provides essential amenities which is further customizable. 

During the trek, tea houses or lodges along the route offer cozy rooms with basic facilities like beds, blankets, and shared bathrooms. These accommodations allow you to experience the local culture and enjoy the warmth of Nepali hospitality amidst the mountains. Whereas for the climbing part, you will have to stay in tents set up by our team providing you with the necessary facilities.

Food and Drinking Water Facilities During the Yala Peak expedition

Throughout the Yala Peak Expedition, you'll be provided with three nourishing meals each day prepared at the tea houses or lodges. The menu offers a variety of local and international dishes to cater to different dietary preferences. Expect meals like dal Bhat (lentil soup with rice), noodles, vegetables, and meat dishes for lunch and dinner. 

For the climbing part of the trip, the food will be prepared by our team provoding you with nourishing meals to keep you energized. 

While tap water is available along the route, drinking may be unsafe. Bottled water or water purification tablets are readily available to ensure you stay hydrated and healthy throughout the journey. We recommend you go for a purification tablet or the filter water bottle for a more sustainable drinking water method. 

Yala Peak Climbing Cost Details for 2024,2025

The cost of the Yala Peak Climbing Package may vary based on several factors such as the trek duration, inclusions, accommodations, transportation, and guides. Typically, the package covers transportation to and from Kathmandu, accommodation, meals during the trek, permits, experienced guides, climbing equipment, and necessary logistics. 

On average, the cost can range from USD 1200 to USD 1700 based on the above-mentioned factors. The cost can also vary depending on the number of members in the group and any customizations you make on the given itinerary. 

Permits required for the Climbing Yala Peak in 2024,2025

For the Climbing And Trekking to Yala Peak, you will need the following permits, each with its own cost:
Langtang National Park Entry Permit:

  • Cost: NPR 3,000 (approximately USD 25) for foreigners
  • Cost: NPR 1,500 for SAARC nationals

TIMS (Trekkers' Information Management System) Card:

  • Cost: USD 10 for individual trekkers
  • Cost: USD 20 for trekkers in a group

Climbing Permit is vary according to season from 75 USD-250 USD Per person.

Yala Peak Summit: Maximum Elevation

The pinnacle of the Yala Peak Climbing journey is reaching the summit, standing at an impressive altitude of 5732 meters (18,799 feet) above sea level. As you conquer the peak, you'll be rewarded with an awe-inspiring 360-degree panorama of snow-capped Himalayan peaks that spread across the Langtang, Everest, Manaslu, and Annapurna regions. 

The feeling of accomplishment and the breathtaking views from this elevation make the Yala Peak Summit an unforgettable experience for every climber. 

Climb Yala Peak with Himalayan Recreation: Guide and Porter

Embarking on the Yala Peak climb with Himalayan Recreation ensures you a safe and enriching experience. Our team includes experienced guides who are knowledgeable about the region, route, and climbing techniques. 

They will provide you with guidance, support, and valuable insights throughout the journey. Additionally, we provide porters to carry the majority of your gear, allowing you to focus on the trek and the climb itself. 

Our guides and porters are not just your companions on the journey but they are there ensuring your safety and enhancing your overall adventure. Furthermore, keep in mind that a single porter can carry the weight of 25 kg which is to be shared by two trekkers. 

Travel Insurance for the Yala Peak Expedition

Travel insurance is a crucial part of any trek or expedition, It provides financial protection in case of unforeseen circumstances such as medical emergencies, trip cancellations, or evacuations. 

When booking your Yala Peak Climb with Himalayan Recreation, make sure you have comprehensive travel insurance that covers high-altitude trekking and climbing activities. Confirm that the policy includes helicopter rescue and medical coverage at higher altitudes. 

Useful Info and Tips for the Yala Peak Climbing in Nepal

  • Prioritize physical fitness and endurance training before the climb.
  • Follow the gradual ascent to acclimatize and minimize altitude sickness risks.
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and carry purification tablets. 
  • Wear layered clothing to adapt to changing temperatures and weather conditions.
  • Invest in high-quality trekking and climbing gear for safety and comfort.
  • Carry only essential items for the journey. 
  • Embrace the local customs, traditions, and etiquette.
  • Follow your experienced guides' instructions and advice at all times.
  • Maintain a positive attitude and enjoy the stunning surroundings.
  • Secure comprehensive travel insurance covering trekking and climbing.
  • Preserve the environment by following Leave No Trace principles.
  • Stay connected with fellow trekkers, guides, and locals.
  • Pay attention to how you feel and communicate any discomfort to guides.

Booking Yala Peak Climbing in Nepal For 2024, 2025

Booking your Yala Peak climbing adventure with Himalayan Recreation is an easy and smooth process. You can reach out to us through our website or contact details to express your interest and inquire about availability. 

Once you decide to proceed, we'll guide you through the booking process, provide detailed itineraries, and discuss any customization options based on your preferences. We'll assist you throughout the process as our goal is to ensure a seamless and unforgettable Yala Peak Climbing experience tailored to your needs.

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