Responsible Travel & Sustainable Policy

At Himalayan Recreation we travel because we think this world is a pretty special place, so ensuring we protect and preserve the places we love is deeply ingrained in how we operate.

Since the very beginning, we’ve focused on creating small group adventures which only have a positive effect on the world around them. We’re firm in the belief that adventure travel can be a force for doing good, whilst being fully aware of the economic, environmental and ethical implications if not done properly. It is a privilege to take people on the journeys we do, and we believe we have a responsibility to our travelers, the people we encounter and the planet to deliver adventures designed with this in mind.

All our team members including our guides and porters are aware of their responsibilities in making responsible tourism a reality on each trip. Before our tour commences, our guide briefs group members on the importance of conservation in the environment, and natural and cultural heritage as part of our responsible and sustainable tourism efforts. This procedure has become an integral responsibility of our ongoing efforts. We encourage programs and frequently participate in and/or initiate clean-up campaigns to promote awareness as well as maintain a clean and healthy living environment. Our dedication continues to sourcing further ways we can conduct sustainable tourism. Please visit Responsible Tourism Guidelines for Travelers to see what values we support and urge our guests to follow.

From how we design our journeys to our long-standing work with the Juniper Trust, these are our key policies:

We specialize in small group travel. Our groups will typically consist of a maximum of 1-10 people, where we can ensure we pass through communities and environments with as small an impact as possible.

We employ local leaders in every single destination we go to. We benefit local economies by employing local people and using small or family-owned restaurants and hotels, and we make sure staff and companies are paid fairly for the incredible work they do.

We do everything we can to respect and understand local culture and customs.

We support and aid local communities.

We abide by a strict environmental Leave No Trace policy. We use dedicated campgrounds and ensure toilet & washing facilities do not contaminate water supplies. All litter is removed and recycled where possible. No local wood is used for cooking where deforestation is an issue and we encourage the use of renewable energy resources.

We are committed to ensuring we do not cause any unnecessary waste by promoting the use of reusable bottles and bags, our booking process is available entirely online, with no need for printed documents.

We recognize the importance of animal welfare; we do not offer elephant riding and ensure animals are not exploited on all of our holidays.

We aim to lead by example; we’re helping keep our local Lake District clean with regular litter picks and are promoting the use of reusable products.

We are members of the Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP). We regularly collect the garbage from the trekking and climbing areas and we dispose of them in respective dumping areas. Especially during the climbing trip, clients are applicable to pay some rubbish deposit fee and the fee will be refunded after returning the garbage like tin cans, wrapped food, plastic, etc. which was taken on the trip.