Trekking and Hiking

Trekking and Hiking in Nepal and Other countries such as Bhutan, Tibet, Pakistan, Tanzania, India, Indonesia and Vietnam will escort you through the odyssey of a lifetime with virtuous guides and more than 20 years of experience in hiking in Nepal and the Himalayas. Nepal is a magnificent destination for hiking and trekking with miscellaneous tastes—from short treks in Nepal to long, serpentine, voyages. The flawless coalition of an irreconcilable landscape incomparable in variety and beauty, cultural diversity, aesthetically built shrines, tranquillity of the snow-capped sparkling mountains, mildness and serenity of the lakes and valleys, an unrivaled collection of flora and fauna, ethnic groups dialects and diverse races makes visitors an ultimate destination to make their trek a memorable one. A country with a drastic history and greatly diversified culture, which furnishes people from all over the world with magical, mysterious and marvelous holiday experiences. Where you can hike in striking peaks, raft gushing fast-flowing rivers or just soak up the ancient cultures and heritage to be found throughout the country. Lying strategically between the ancient edifications of India and China, Nepal is a hidden gem.