Why Choose Us

Himalayan Recreation Treks and Expedition is a leading travel organization for delivering any kind of experience and excursions in distinct parts of Nepal, from the journey on Mount Everest to wild visits in the woodlands.

We have remarkable numbers of trips and holidays ranging anyplace from social heritage, wildlife tours, food, and photography visits to mountain relaxation holidays, and Climbing & Expedition in the ice and snowy mountains. All of our trips and treks are tailor-made and suitable for all ages, groups, families, solo explorers, and backpackers. We offer some of the most recognized journeys in the Nepal Everest Base Camp trek, and several others like; Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek, Everest Base Camp via Gokyo Lakes, Manaslu Circuit Trek, Upper Mustang Trek, etc. Our trips are not just confined to trekking voyages, but we have something in the bag for everyone from nature lovers to history seekers and cultural enthusiasts. And for the ones who want to take the trekking adventure a little high with more challenges, we have a team of professional climbing leaders to lead you on your ideal climbing trips like; Island Peak Climbing, Mera Peak Climbing, Yala Peak climbing, etc. We offer visitors a distinct trip and tour experience, with their security and happiness as our top primacy. And during all of this, our sole goal is to lead our clients to their destination safely while also making the journey to the destination enjoyable and fruitful. 
Distinct from other businesses, Himalayan Recreation Treks offers you complete decisions and opportunities for your trip planning. We have a team of experts loaded up with experience and interest, ready to customize and remake your ideal excursion for you. A devoted specialist is appointed to all of our customers for arranging and helping through the whole excursion all along till the end of vacation. We assure our customers a guaranteed trip except in case of unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, like plagues, pandemics, political mobs, disastrous events, legislative rules, etc. 

The highest priority to safety and security

The well-being and safety of our clients during the entire tour and travel is our greatest responsibility and always our top priority. We Himalayan Recreation Treks as a travel company, our first and foremost goal is to provide you with hygienic food and housing during your stay and provide you with an experienced and educated mountain pioneer. As the security of our clients is our vital consideration, we guarantee that your journey and travel are free from any potential harm with the Himalayan Recreation team. With years of experience, we have mastered maintaining the safety and security of our clients and we assure you of your well-being all along the trip if you decide to travel with us.
99% trip success rate
We have a history of success rates when it comes to trips. We are completely dedicated to taking care of you so that you can take brilliant recollections that you can value for eternity. We have a very committed team working and arranging a long time before the excursion starts for a fruitful tour. We attempt to keep you stable and reassured by doing all that should be done previously and during the whole excursion. Whether it be a journey in the Himalayan pinnacles or tours around the bustling city, we have seen thousands of our clients leave with a bunch of memories and smile while touring with us and we assure you the same when it comes to trip success. 

Price Guarantee

We endeavor and trust you an ideal cost for all tours and treks ensuring to give you the best arrangements. We trust that the cost given by us is the best cost ensuring you excellent assistance without the expanded expense during the trip. Here at Himalayan Recreation Treks, we guarantee the most reasonable cost for the excursions that we offer to our clients. Including all the necessary facilities and arrangements with top-notch service, it'd be tough to find other trips with such price flexibility and quality service. 

Group and tailor-made itineraries

Our itineraries are not just limited to the arranged and traditional ones but we have been offering our clients some kind of balance between arranged plans and extra time, coming up with great recommendations from our handpicked experts. As we believe travel to be a form of freedom, our clients are free to tailor-make their itinerary including things they want to try. You do not need to worry about time management while planning a trip with us as your preference is our top priority, we have a team of professionals to suggest you the best possible itinerary for you and all the itineraries can be tailor-made. Also, all our plans are planned by a specialist trip organizer, whether it is a group visit or a solo visit, we believe in providing exciting, and bother-free insights during the trips. 

Professional certified Guides

We believe it is extremely important to have a trustworthy and knowledgeable guide to lead our clients on any kind of trip. It is very important to have a guide with several years of experience when you are considering embarking on a trip to the Himalayas or Asia. All our guides in Himalayan Recreation Treks are certified by the local government authorities. Our trekking guides all have got their professional training and hold a license authorized by the government of Nepal. They are all well-trained, knowledgeable and Wilderness First Aids certified mountain leaders having fluency in speaking English. As responsible tourism stakeholders, we believe it is important to assure all our clients of their safety and service when it comes to tour and trekking leaders. Thus, there is no compromise to be accepted on that. 

Sustainable travel

We, Himalayan Recreation Treks have been giving strong emphasis on responsible and sustainable travel for a long time now. This earth is our home and we are the ones that must protect and preserve it at all costs. While traveling is important for a healthy lifestyle, traveling responsibly is extremely important as well. We believe in improving the lives of local people by conveying options for business and employment to certain destinations. The locals must know the value of their culture, nature, and surrounding and how much profit it can bring to the community. This way we can save nature, culture, and wildlife for the future generation. We have been training and educating our staff, guides, and all our partners on the importance of sustainable traveling to imply practically. Preserving the natural environment of the surroundings while supporting local businesses, and giving emphasis on cultural schemes are points we plan to focus on for sustainable tourism development.