Tour Guide

Jamuna KC

Jamuna is a trained certified tour guide who joined Himalayan Recreation back in 2012 AD. She is a travel enthusiast who loves travelling and exploring and has great knowledge about the culture, history, and heritage of Nepal. She completed her bachelor's degree in the field of Commerce and later on went to achieve the training as a tour guide following her passion for travelling. Her goal is to provide her clients with detailed knowledge about the heritage sites and history of Nepal in a very entertaining manner that clients will remember for a long time. As someone with a piece of great knowledge about the culture, tradition, and history of Nepal, Jamuna has immense pride in introducing and sharing insights into the Nepalese culture, religion, and historical monuments and wishes to boost it to more people in the future.

Since the time she joined the company, Jamuna has continuously worked hard following her passion and grown into a very trustworthy tour leader. She loves sharing insights and entertaining her clients with her detailed knowledge. The safety and comfort of the clients are always her top priority while leading a tour group. Jamuna has leaded travelers from almost every part of the world during her career and wishes to continue to do so in the coming days.