Climbing Guide

Pemchhiri Sherpa

With an experience of more than 15 years in the trekking industry, Pemchhiri Sherpa is one of the finest trekking and mountaineering guides who's been working with us since the very beginning. In the 15 years of his working as a guide, Pemchhiri has obtained all the technical knowledge and skills critical for a trekking and mountaineering leader. Originally from the Khumbu region, Pemchhiri had a huge love and respect for mountains since his childhood days. Because of that love and respect, he has managed to step his foot on the World's tallest mountain, Mount Everest several times to date. Besides Mount Everest, he has climbed several other mountains in Nepal. He always handles all the guests very skillfully and is also one of the most liked by our clients for his expertise, efficiency, Knowledge about mountains and his friendliness. 

Pemchhiri has a great passion for travelling, trekking, and mountains, and he is always looking for more individuals with similar passions to share his insights and knowledge. With the ability to speak more than 4 languages in total; Nepali, English, Sherpa, and Hindi, Pemchhiri has handled clients from different parts of the world so far. While guiding, the safety and security of his clients are always the top priority of Ram. He always pays attention to each detail to make sure that the clients feel comfortable and safe on the journey. Even with so many years of experience and work, Pemchhiri is continuously seeking new experience and knowledge to be a better guide in following his passion.