Trekking Guide

Raju Simkhada

Raju Simkhada is one of the best trekking guides that we have. He is a very talented & Knowledgeable guide in his 30s who has been serving as a trekking guide now for more than 10 years. Because of the long experience that he has had in this field, Raju Simkhada is a very trustworthy, friendly & knowledgeable guide who has a piece of great knowledge about different parts of Nepal. Raju Simkhada is an expert in trekking destinations like; Everest, Annapurna, Makalu, Kanchanjunga etc. Raju Simkhada is very fluent in English & his friendly nature has always been a plus point for him as our guests feel very much comfortable around him. He is fully authorized & ensured guide by the government of Nepal who is fully trained for all the emergency situations during the trek.